Set up a GetActive Slim or eZ

Download our free software to link your device to Getactive. Once you've set up, you can sync your data.

You need

  • Window XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher with Internet
  • Please ensure your PC/laptop is connected to the Internet
  • Go to
  • Download and install the software by clicking on 'Download'
  • Connect the GetActive Slim to PC/laptop with USB cable
  • Automatically, your Slim will be authenticated and you will be requested to sign-up using Facebook or directly by filling the personal details
  • Program will update your Slim, sync data and open your personal dashboard

Slim and eZ - FAQs

Q1. What is the best place and right way to wear GetActive eZ & Slim?

GetActive eZ & Slim are clip-on devices. You can keep them in your pocket, hang it with your necklace or clip on to your clothes. eZ has a clip, which can be on your waist (on belt or trouser). Slim has a fine clip design, hence it can be clipped on pocket, bra or fine clothes with a maximum of two milimeter stretch. Hence, avoid clipping Slim on belts or any other thick clothes.

Q2. When I am in a motorized vehicle, can I switch-off GetActive tracker? Sometime I see that activity tracker is adding STEPS in vehicle, while I am not really walking.

When you are in a motorized vehicle, due to the bumps on the road or change of gear/paddle, you may find increase of steps in your overall reading. This cannot be avoided, as motion detector senses this on a continuous basis. If we try to filter this as noise, it may give erroneous readings on actual motion. With a target of 8,000 to 10,000 steps, this false positive counts will not be more than 5%.
You cannot switch-off the device. It goes on sleep mode automatically, when motion is not sensed for a particular duration.

Q3. I am facing issues installing GetActive on my Windows XP machine.

Please install the following VC runtime service pack for Windows 32-bit and try installing GetActive again on your PC: Download

Q4. How many days DATA can be stored on eZ & Slim without losing it??

For GetActive eZ, memory in the device can store DATA for 30 days. And for GetActive Slim, DATA is stored for 10 days. The device will overwrite the previous data with new data on an incremental basis. Hence we recommend syncing of DATA once every week.

Q5. If my computer USB ports are disabled, can I sync DATA from GetActive eZ or Slim in any other fashion? Bluetooth or NFC?

If you are using GetActive eZ or Slim, then USB port is the only way to transfer DATA from your device to cloud server. It does not support Bluetooth or any other wireless form of data transfer.

Q6. I have already registered my GetActive device at home computer. Do I need to register this again in my office computer?

If you have already registered your GetActive, then you only need to download the client software on your office computer. Please download GetActive files to your office system. Now you can SYNC your device as well as open dashboard on your office computer. Please remove any pop-up restrictions, if any on your PC.

Q7. If I have used the device prior to registration, will I lose my STEPS when I register the device?

Yes, on registration, device DATA is reset to ZERO. You will lose any STEPS you have taken prior to registration. Your count starts NOW!

Q8. Sometime my DATA gets RESET on my device, while I am syncing it on computer. And it reflects ZERO DATA on my dashboard. Why??

There could be two possibilities, one could be the browser issue, i.e. your default browser is Internet Explorer (less than version 9), and the second possibility is that the device is faulty, due to which date and time resets automatically.

Q9. What do I do if my DATA is getting lost frequently while syncing the GetActive device?

This is a very rare situation. Your client software may have got corrupted. Please uninstall the GetActive software and reinstall it. If the problem persists, please contact GetActive at